It is unacceptable that human trafficking exists anywhere, but it is especially troubling that it is a significant problem right here in Washington, DC, and we are determined to leverage this event to make a difference well beyond the money we raise.

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The Capital City Ball

Capital City Ball Announcement

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as Executive Director for this many years with the Capital City Ball. Since originating the Capital City Ball in 2007 with Bruce Fries, the Capital City Ball volunteers have hosted our annual black tie gala accompanied by approximately 8 additional events each year. These social and educational events raised money and awareness on the issue of human trafficking.

Since its inception 9 years ago, the organizational management of Capital City Ball has been performed with selfless efforts of our many volunteers. The volunteer efforts of our Executive Committee members: Benedict Aubrun, Ira Darden, Marco Garcia, Michelle Lebar, Michelle McDonald, Karen Ogden, Tanyal Lynn Sabel, Liz Sara, Janine Schoonover and Adrian Szabo have been critical in the success of the Capital City Ball. Please see our website for a more complete list of volunteers, charity beneficiaries, vendors and sponsors who have been friends of the Capital City Ball.

Over the last few years, increasing work and family commitments have made it difficult for me to continue to volunteer as Executive Director of the Capital City Ball. In spite of much effort from myself and other members of the Executive Committee, someone with the means to work on a volunteer basis as my replacement has not been found. Therefore, we have made to the decision to halt operations of the Capital City Ball until further arrangements are found.

Yours faithfully

John Dunford
Capital City Ball Co-Founder and Executive Director



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