This event is truly a team effort that draws on the hard work of many people, including staff, executives and volunteers from our charity beneficiaries, and our own executive and host committee members, who have connections to a variety of social networks. Support from our corporate sponsors, vendors, and guests is also vital to the success of this event.

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Honorary Committee

2014 Honorary Committee

Capital City Ball wishes to thank all individuals listed below for their continued support raising awareness for human trafficking.

CMaloney Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney

Carolyn Maloney is a United States Congresswoman who has represented New York since 1982. She has been active on issues involving women, children and families since the beginning of her career. In addition, Maloney is the co-chair and co-founder of the Human Trafficking Caucus in the House. She has authored numerous bills to combat human trafficking and sex trafficking, including: The Prevention of Trafficking of Tsunami Orphans Act of 2005; The End Demand for Sex Trafficking Act of 2005; The Human Trafficking Fraud Enforcement Act of 2010; and The Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act of 2010.


Renee Ellmers 2 Congresswoman Renee Ellmers

Renee Jacisin Ellmers is a U.S. Representative for North Carolina's 2nd congressional district. She graduated with a from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and worked as a nurse in a hospital surgical intensive care unit before becoming clinical director of the Trinity Wound Care Center in Dunn, North Carolina. Since being elected to Congress, she has been involved in health care issues, and serves on the Commerce and Energy Committee, Subcommittee on Health. Recently she held hearings on the health consequences of human trafficking, and introduced a bill, HR 5411, entitled, ''Trafficking Awareness and Training for Health Care Act of 2014'' designed to help develop best practices for training health care providers how to identify and respond to trafficking victims.


Mark Lagon

Ambasssador Mark P. Lagon

Mark P. Lagon will become President of Freedom House on January 2, 2015. Currently, Lagon is the Chair for Global Politics and Security at Georgetown University's Master of Science in Foreign Service Program, and adjunct Senior Fellow for Human Rights at the Council on Foreign Relations.  He was previously Executive Director and CEO of the leading anti-human trafficking nonprofit, Polaris.  Before that, he served at the State Department as U.S. Ambassador at Large, directing the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, from 2007 to 2009. Earlier, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of International Organization Affairs, with responsibility for human rights, humanitarian issues and United Nations reform.

Lagon received a Ph.D. in Government from Georgetown and an A.B. from Harvard University. He is the author of numerous articles on international affairs and co-editor of the recently released book Human Dignity and the Future of Global Institutions.

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DobrianskyPaula WEB 0

The Honorable Paula J. Dobriansky

Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University's JFK Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and Chair of the National Board of the World Affairs Councils of America. From 2010 to 2012, she was Senior Vice President and Global Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs at Thomson Reuters, responsible for designing and implementing a corporate approach for engagement in Washington DC and other key capitals around the globe and instrumental in the development of the company's financial regulatory strategy. During this time, she also held the Distinguished National Security Chair at the U.S. Naval Academy.

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Ludy Green 96dpi

Dr Ludy Green

Author of "Ending Domestic Violence Captivity"

Dr. Ludy Green is one of the world's foremost experts on violence against women and children. She speaks frequently in national and international venues on the importance of financial autonomy in breaking the abusive patterns that hold victims captive to violence and human trafficking. She is a prominent contributing writer for the Huffington Post on women's issues and domestic violence.

Dr. Green has been awarded numerous prestigious appointments and awards including the U.S. Department of States Cultural Ambassador of the United States in Human Trafficking to Jordan and Syria in 2009, the U.S. Attorney Generals appointment to the Advisory Council of Domestic Violence Against Women in 2006, Fight Human Trafficking in Luxor, Egypt (2011), and U.S. Attorney General's Professional Innovation in Victims Services (2007), Washingtonian of the Year 2007.

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John P Torres John P. Torres

John P. Torres joins Guidepost Solutions as the Managing Director for its Compliance, Federal Practice and Software Solutions division. His extensive investigative and security experience gives him a unique perspective when providing expertise with cross border cases and immigration and customs compliance issues. In addition to overseeing the Washington, D.C. office, Mr. Torres will work closely with individuals and businesses for risk mitigation, anti-money laundering and the Foreign Corrupts Practices Act, intellectual property rights, immigration and customs compliance, corporate compliance and investigative matters.

Prior to joining Guidepost Solutions in 2013, Mr. Torres served as the Special Agent in Charge for Homeland Security Investigation in the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia. His professional background includes more than 27 years of experience providing investigative and security management for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice.

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Bill Woolf headshot Detective Bill Woolf

Detective Woolf is currently assigned to the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force tasked with investigating all forms of human trafficking in Northern Virginia. Prior to being assigned as the lead investigator for the regional task force, he was assigned to the Fairfax County Police Department's Gang Investigations Unit.

He is responsible for investigating all facets of human trafficking, compiling intelligence on trafficking trends and methods, tracking and interdicting trafficking activity, and disseminating information throughout the DC Metropolitan area in an effort to make the war against human trafficking more effective.

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Just Ask Prevention Project; One Year Later article


Stoklosa-Hanni-MD-16 HR

Hanni Stoklosa, MD

Hanni Stoklosa, MD, a BWH Connors Center Global Women's Health fellow and recent graduate of the BWH/MGH Emergency Medicine residency, has been interested in gender-based violence for as long as she can remember. Working with exploited, marginalized groups drew her attention to the issue, as well as to medicine in general. She first heard about human trafficking as a medical student during a conference and was floored to discover it was occurring in the U.S.

Hanni's focus is on the advancement of research and policy which improves the prevention of human trafficking and care for trafficking survivors, both globally and locally. She is the co-founder of HEAL (Health, Education, Advocacy, Linkages) Trafficking, an international network of professionals combating human trafficking from a public health perspective, bringing together social workers, physicians, nurses, psychologists, counselors, public health workers and others across North America to share resources and best practices.

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Gwendolyn Balcony 5--Final Closeup

Gwendolyn Beck

Gwendolyn Beck is a business woman and has had two successful careers; one in the financial industry and one in tourism.

Gwendolyn volunteers for the Arlington Agency on Aging as a Guardian and Conservator, is on the Board of Directors for 'Ladies America' and on the Board of Directors for 'We Will Survive Cancer'.  Her Congressional campaign color is 'hot pink' to promote cancer awareness and is dedicated to her Mother (and all the women) who died of breast cancer.

She frequently participates in panels, and speaks for various organizations including "Women Leading the Future," John Hopkins University Carey School of Business, and the Wharton/HBS Alumni Associations.

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The following celebrities support Capital City Ball
in their fight against human trafficking


Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith


John Booty


Marla headshot

Marla Aaron Wapner

lamont headshot 2

Lamont Easter

Charles Mann

Charles Mann




Kimberly Skyrme

Kimberly Skyrme

Shaffer Smith2

Shaffer Smith (Neyo)

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerholder



2013 Honorary Committee



Carolyn Maloney (D)


Christopher Smith (R)



The Honorable
Paula J. Dobriansky


Erik Estrada
Actor and Deputy Sheriff

HC DavidGrosso

The Honorable
David Grosso
DC Councilmember




Charles Mann


Sam McCahon
McCahon Law Firm


James Moran (D)


His Excellency
Christos P.

Ambassador of Greece


Kerri Strug
Olympic Gold
Medal Gymnast


Amber Tamblyn


Frank Wolf (R)



Past Honorary Committee Members

Honorary Chairs

Her Majesty HM Queen Noor of Jordan

The Honorable Carolyn Maloney

The Honorable Christopher H. Smith

Honorary Committee

The Honorable Joseph Lieberman

The Honorable John McCain

The Honorable James P. Moran

The Honorable Mary Bono Mack

The Honorable Ed Royce

The Honorable Linda Smith

The Honorable Edwin Whitfield

Ernie Allen
President, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Aaron Cohen
Founder, Abolish Slavery Coalition

The Honorable Esther Coopersmith
Former U.S. Representative to the United Nations

The Honorable Paula Dobriansky
Former U.S. Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs

The Honorable Carlos M Gutierrez
Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

Erin Kaufman
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Dr. Laura Lederer
Vice President, Global Centurion

Ambassador Luis Albertoi Moreno
President, Inter-American Development Bank

Katerina Rarousos
Senior Special Agent, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Ben Skinner
Author, A Crime So Monstrous

Kerri Strug
Olympic Gold Medallist

Lydia St. John-Mellado
Supervisory Special Agent , U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

President and Mrs. Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada
Airline Ambassadors

The Ricky Martin Foundation

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Afghanistan
Said Tayed Jawad and Mrs. Shamin Jawad

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Chile
Mariano Fernández Amunátegui and Mrs. Maria Angelica Morales

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Cyprus
Andreas S. Kakouris and Mrs. Kareen Farrell Kakouris

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Ecuador
Luis Benigno Gallegos and Mrs. Fabiola Jaramillo Almeida

His Excellency, The Ambassador of France
Piérre Vimont

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Ireland
Michael Collins and Mrs. Marie Collins

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Luxembourg
Jean-Paul Senninger and Mrs. Louise Åkerblom

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Malta
Mark Miceli-Farrugia and Mrs. Josette Miceli-Farrugia

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Mexico
Arturo Sarukhan and Mrs. Veronica Valencia Sarukhan

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Paraguay
James Spalding and Mrs. Cecilia Spalding

Her Excellency, The Ambassador of Singapore
Chan Heng Chee

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Sweden
Jonas Hafström and Mrs. Hafström

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Switzerland
Urs Johann Ziswiler and Mrs. Ronit Ziswiler

His Excellency, The Ambassador of Yemen
Abdulwahab A. Al-Hajjri and Mrs. Saboura Al-Hajjri

Susie Coulter, President, Ralph Lauren Store

Kerri Strug, Olympic Medalist

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)

Chef Todd Gray & Ellen Kassoff Gray of Equinox Restaurant

Ambassador Claudia Fritsche, Principality of Liechtenstein

Col. Zoltan Boné - Defence, Military and Air Attaché, Hungary

Her Excellency, Gillian M.S. Bristol,
Ambassador of Granada

Governor Sam Brownback

The Honorable Paula Dobriansky, 
Former Under Secretary of State

Erik Estrada - Actor

Ruchira Gupta 
Winner Clinton Global Initiative Award for work on Trafficking in Persons in India

Lisa Ling

Representative Carolyn Maloney (D - New York)

Charles Mann, Former NFL player

Attorney General Rob McKenna (WA)

Edwin Meese, Former Attorney General

Ambassador John Miller

Representative Christopher Smith (R - New Jersey)

Kerri Strug, Former Olympic Gymnast

Amber Tamblyn, Actress - Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Representative Frank Wolf (R-Virginia)





Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D)
Carolyn Maloney is a United States Congresswoman who has represented New York since 1982. She has been active on issues involving women, children and families since the beginning of her career. In addition, Maloney is the co-chair and co-founder of the Human Trafficking Caucus in the House. She has authored numerous bills to combat human trafficking and sex trafficking, including: The Prevention of Trafficking of Tsunami Orphans Act of 2005; The End Demand for Sex Trafficking Act of 2005; The Human Trafficking Fraud Enforcement Act of 2010; and The Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act of 2010.